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Air Conditioning Loss Calculator

     With the rising cost of energy, air conditioning loss due to ventilation or exhausting smoke becomes a real drain on the budget.  This air conditioning loss calculator helps you discover exactly how much money is being wasted by opening that door or starting up an exhaust fan to clear some of the smoke.  You will also notice that this is a handy tool for justifying the purchase of that extra machine you know will make a huge difference.  We tried to keep it easy to read, but if you have questions, just call!

Cooling $/hr = .9 x CFM x (To-Ti) /3414 BTU/kWh x $/kWh

Cooling $/year = (Cooling $/hr) x (hrs worked/wk) x (number of weeks)

CFM exhausted to the outside or use 5000 as a convenient value CFM =
Enter outside temperature in Fahrenheit degrees To: To =
Enter inside temperature in Fahrenheit degrees Ti: Ti =
Enter $/kWh or use 0.08 as USA average cost : $/kWh =
Enter hours worked per week: # of hours =
Enter number of weeks : # of weeks =
Cost of Air Conditioning Loss per year: $

Calculators and charts used by permission from Air Quality Engineering, Incorporated.

Example below

Annual Air Conditioning Loss in US Dollars

CFM exhausted = 4,500 cfm
Outside Temperature = 85 degrees
Desired Indoor Temperature = 72 degrees
Cost of kWh = $0.104
Hours of operation per week = 40 hours
Number of cooling weeks per year = 20 weeks
Your cost of air conditioning loss per year = $1,283.00

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