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     Smoking bans are on the horizon for many states and are already a reality in others, but for those who still enjoy the freedom of a smoking establishment, we provide the most effective smoke air cleaner technology available to eliminate second hand smoke.  Customers seldom complain...they just do not come back.

     For those who smoke at home, we provide solutions for keeping your home air clean and smoke free.  Do not let your cigar affect your marriage or the comfort of others.  See what we have to offer for your den or man-cave.  Effective solutions at the best prices.

Welcome to Smoke Eaters Supply

Top performing smoke air cleaners from Air Quality Engineering to help remove smell and remove smoke.  Our customer service starts with your ideas and continues through project completion and machine maintenance.  

We are available for helping you with custom layouts, pricing estimates and machine selection.  We often help business owners who are well versed in their own line of business, but know little about second-hand smoke control.  Give us a call and we will help you with your project.

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Home smoke eaters to help remove smell and remove smoke in your home.  We now offer machines using the same technology as the top performing smoke air cleaner machines in smaller sized units for home use.

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residential units

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Residential Smoke Eaters

Commercial Smoke Eaters

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Smoke removal solutions for:

Bars - Casinos - Cigar Bars - Conference Rooms -

Restaurants - Homes - Vapor Lounges


Your commercial smoke eater shopping just got easier!  Only authorized distributors are allowed to display the AQE distributor logo.  Look for this logo to make sure you are getting the best in customer service and genuine Air Quality Engineering products!